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What They're Saying about John Hlinko:

"John Hlinko has pushed the envelope when it comes to groundbreaking strategies to attract, engage, and activate grassroots supporters. John is a rising superstar."

-- Mike McCurry, Former Clinton White House Spokesman

"John is absurdly creative, possessed of ridiculous amounts of energy, and intently focused on the primary task at hand. Equally able to surf tall waves of media attention and to identify the Really Important Thing that gets your issue noticed, John's an excellent right arm. I want him in my foxhole."

-- Alex Clemens, Founder, Barbary Coast Consulting

"John Hlinko stepped forward to help us at MoveOn.org when we were just getting going. He has been an inspiration, bringing a creative and humorous approach to our strategic efforts."

-- Joan Blades, co-founder, MoveOn.org

"He's brilliant, insightful, and downright wholesome. Quite honestly, he is the best at what he does. Plus, he's got a sense of humor that rivals at least three of his other senses. ...Four stars!”

-- Kevin Bleyer, Writer, The Daily Show

"He is one of the first people I think of when needing some creative ideas, some grassroots fire, and some technology expertise. That's a pretty damn good endorsement, and I mean every word of it."

-- Donnie Fowler, Campaign Manager, Wes Clark for President

Top 5 "PR Professionals of the Year"

-- PR Week

More references available upon request, and also posted at Hlinko's LinkedIn profile (login required)